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Export Injection Molds
Export Injection Molds

Well mould offers full production injection molds that will be exported from china for you to run in your own facilities or at a manufacturing facility that you designate.These tools will be designed and built accordiing to the company standard.They will be optimized for production on your injection molding machines with details such as cooling line connections already prepared for your existing set-up.Typical steel types for these molds are 718/718H,S136/S136H,Nak80 or a customer-required steel type.

Different customers have different tooling requirements,and we can build molds to your specifications,including steel,hot runner system,processes,surface polish or texture.We can also take your functional requirements for the molds and injection molding and match the production specification and mold designs.Pilot and short production runs are available upon mold completion,such as for bridging a production tooling gap.

Of course,if you would like us to manufacture your mold and run your parts for you,we would be happy to manufacture a production mold for you.Get quote ,today!

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